Bio: So here I blog - trying to assimilate another tsunami-like juncture in my life. My life doesn't change in small and gentle waves - I am besieged by some universal upheaval that flashes - Danger! - Wrong Way! - Road Ends Here. And as I plunge into shockingly frigid waters I remember pieces of myself that have broken off long ago. My journey is erratic and troubled but my heart remains stalwart and occasionally hopeful. Within the last 18 months, I've lost my parents, and 2/3 of my income. At an age when my friends and colleagues are settled into long-ago forged routines and enjoying the rewards of their labor, children, life...I am on unchartered territory re-inventing my fabulous self - hoping to create - at last - a life that works for me. Comment if you've had similar experiences. Comment if you've wondered whether another soul was listening, whether if you scream alone - do you make a sound. Comment if you believe in yourself and your ability to fashion your life - through fire - through ice - but always with the desire to create what reflects your authentic self.

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